Medieval, Bal Folk  and  Original  Compositions

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Hurdy gurdy, percussion,cittern,

Medieval minstrels

Woodwose Steve Tyler

"Steve Tyler is blessed with virtuosic technique and imagination. He is amongst the best players on the European scene."


Paul James, Blowzabella, CEO Halsway Manor


Steve is a core member of medieval music ensembles Daughters of Elvin and Misericordia. In 2011 he co-founded Woodwose with Katy Marchant to explore composing new music for historical instruments.


Steve has toured and played live music for 'The Tin Forest', a show by Puppetcraft. He has played for French dances with The Wendigo and with Jon Swayne and Becky Price, provided music for radio, television and films and been involved in more experimental projects such as 'An English Journey Reimagined' (also involving Shirley Collins, Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair, Susan Stenger, F.M.Einheit...). He also teaches hurdy gurdy, running workshops or giving individual lessons, and is currently recording his own multitracked project involving gothic harp, cittern, percussion, reed organ and more.


He has travelled as a performer across the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Holland and Cyprus

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