Medieval, Bal Folk  and  Original  Compositions

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Public Performances by WOODWOSE and related bands

Costumed musicians for events by CALIBAN'S DREAM

     APRIL/MAY 2019


19th Friday            Royal Armouries Museum International Jousting Tournament, Leeds.

20th Saturday      Daytime performances by Caliban's Dream over four days.

21st Sunday 

22nd Monday  


28th Sunday         Salisbury "St. George's Day" event. Medieval music workshops amongst other activities.                                                                    



5th Sunday          Framlingham Castle, Suffolk. Daytime performances for English Heritage "Knights' Tournament" event

6th Monday         by Caliban's Dream


10th Friday           Concert by Woodwose at St. Saviours church, Dartmouth, Devon. 7pm - 8pm       Dart Music Festival  

                             Katy Marchant - bagpipes, recorder, shawm

                             Steve Tyler - hurdy gurdy, gothic harp, cittern

                             Katherine Christie Evans - voice, harp, psaltery

                             Ricardo de Noronha - percussion, fujara


18th Saturday      Cornwall Harp'n'Gurdy Fest, Falmouth

19th Sunday


Saturday 25th     Warkworth Castle, Northumberland. 3 day "Knights' Tournament" event for English Heritage

- Monday 27th    by Caliban's Dream


31st Friday          Robert Dover's Cotswold Olimpicks 407th anniversary; music by Caliban's Dream amongst others

                            Dover's Hill, Weston-sub-Edge, Chipping Campden, GL55 6UW      5.30 - 9.30pm